About Us

Faithful Path International Ministries aims to establish a network with medical and educational professionals who serve to teach, mentor and heal people in distressed areas of the world.


Dr. Dona Cooper-Dockery
Dr. Nelson Docker
Margarone Momplaisir, RN


Faithful Path International Ministries (FPIM) is a nonprofit organization with a passion for service. The project began as a vision of Dr. Donna Cooper, a successful Internal Medicine physician located in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas. Dr. Cooper has long felt the need to contribute her efforts to relieving the suffering of humanity both locally in the Rio Grande Valley and internationally as a part of a global mission.

Dr. Cooper began this initiative when she volunteered her medical services in Haiti after the devastating earthquake of January 2010. The heart wrenching sights of long lines of suffering deeply moved Dr. Cooper as she personally treated over 100 patients daily for two long weeks. In total, Dr. Cooper’s team treated over 1,500 patients on their trip. Witnessing such abject poverty in the neglected towns of Haiti, made Dr. Cooper determined to dedicate her efforts towards making a difference in the lives of the suffering both home and abroad, and Faithful Paths International was born.