Why Haiti Project?

  • Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, we aim to provide education and job training, which is needed desperately.
  • Haiti’s literacy rate of about 53 percent falls well below the 90 percent average literacy rate for Latin American and Caribbean countries, we want to change this through our new educational center of excellence.
  • Haiti faces shortages in educational supplies and qualified teachers, we aim to fill that need with our new educational facility in Fort Liberté.
  • Haiti is one of the world’s poorest and least developed countries of the Western Hemisphere
  • Haiti boasts a literacy rate of only 52.9%, educational centers like the one Faithful path has proposed is desperately needed.

What We Are Doing?

Faithful Path will establish three centers that cater to the health, education and well-being of citizens in Fort Liberté, Haiti. There will be a medical, an educational and a community center built providing professional and state-of-the art services to the local Fort Liberté communities.

  • Medical Ambulatory Center – Equipped with two operating rooms to the meet the surgical needs of patients. Pharmacy included.
  • Joint High- and Vocational Schools – School will incorporate formal education and vocational training. There will be space and equipment to encourage Technology Innovation. We intend to educate at least 120 fulltime students. Graduated students will be prepared to enter tertiary education or taught skills that can be applied locally.
  • Community Center / Public Space – The Ministries will facilitate adult educational classes, economic and employment seminars, and self-help classes to learn basic hygiene, first aid similar courses.
  • A Dormitory will be available to host visiting medical and educational staff.

With your help and support we will be able make Haiti a better place to live.  If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us.


With your contribution we can make Haiti a better place. To learn more how you can make a difference please click on “What Can You Do?” Thank you for your support.