Faithful Path International Ministries is a local health outreach, empowering global communities. Local ministries include Get Healthy with Dr. Cooper TV (www.gethealthywithdrcooper.tvand the Global Outpouring Health Evangelism Leadership Program.


Get Healthy With Dr. Cooper TV is designed to educate communities on various important lifestyle principles, such as healthy nutrition, physical exercise, and stress management which are important in diseases modification and thus could assist in preventing, improving or reversing chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Obesity, Sleep Apnea and even some cancers.


GLOBAL OUTPOURING HEALTH EVANGELISM LEADERSHIP PROGRAM (GO HELP )is a ministry that uses Health Evangelism to expand churches by providing materials to be used in health seminars such as PowerPoint, lecture summaries and training for health coaches/evangelists (local church members). These trainings are geared to empower more local church members to become leaders in health evangelism.




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