Faithful Path International Ministries is a local health outreach, empowering global communities. Local ministries include Get Healthy with Dr. Cooper TV ( and the Global Outpouring Health Evangelism Leadership Program.   Get Healthy With Dr. Cooper TV is designed to educate communities on various important lifestyle principles, such as healthy nutrition, physical exercise, and stress management which are… Read More

even days ago, at a mission in the north of Haiti, I watched a nurse remove oxygen from a premature baby boy in order to give it to a woman in labor. The heartbeat of the baby who was about to be delivered had dropped dangerously low and there was only one working oxygen machine.… Read More

An Air Sta­tion Clear­wa­ter, Fla., heli­copter crew aboard the Coast Guard Cut­ter Tahoma assisted in the deliv­ery of a male Hait­ian new­born on the cut­ter Sat­ur­day after­noon. A preg­nant Hait­ian cit­i­zen went into labor on the flight deck as the heli­copter was refu­el­ing aboard the cutter. An Air Sta­tion Clear­wa­ter, Fla., heli­copter crew aboard the… Read More